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Mafia Times

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Mafia Times

Post  Child of the Wind on Mon Feb 07, 2011 8:31 pm

Goody day! Mine name is Charlotte and I'm the writer of Mafia Times. This once in a while news letter features the recent happenings in the mafia world from recent Vindice criminals to family war battles so stay tuned!
Headlines: Vongola losing power!?
Lately it seems as if the Vongola Famiglia has been losing power. Could this mean the once mighty famiglia will be coming down? Even though there has been an influx of famiglia battles no one has dared challenged the Vongola or the other big 3. With this news does it mean that soon more people will challenge them and a new head family will appear?
Bombing in Italy
There has been recent bombing in Italy and no one knows how. Could it be a terrorist or a mafia member. Never less the Vindice offered a prize to anyone who could capture the criminal.
Secret Santa in the Summer?
Lately it seems that mafioso that have been participating in events are earning special rewards from a secret santa. Though appearing on the black market at one point the presents are highly prized and no famiglia wants to sell it. Though it seems that all attempts to sell it have failed as once a famiglia tried it and the client died the very next day. This coverage will continue in the next issue.
More Mafioso working with other famiglias
According to an unknown source and word of mouth, famiglias these days are working with other famiglias to get their work done. If this is true does that mean a true new era is coming? No more secretive missions? Well yes it does as it seems that more mafioso are willing to cooperate with mafioso from other families.
Flame Styles
There are three flame styles. The sky style and the earth style are pretty straight forward but what about the nocturne? It seems as if all left out elements are added to the nocturne. With questionable ones like the wind to pretty easy to understand ones like the moon these elements are rather weird. Why is this? It seems that when the Nocturne Style was founded there was no earth style! They didn't know they could use the earth! Thus they decided to use whatever was leftover on the sky... Though wind is still questionable.
This info was brought to you by Charlotte! Stay tuned for the next issue!
Child of the Wind

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